My Success with Ideal Protein




I am an chronic sufferer of migraine headaches and this is spurred on MSG (monosoduium Glutamate) which has turned from a intolerance to a full on allergy.

I was finally fed up being put out all the time because of the severe migraines as well as
I was unhappy and overweight. I was at my heaviest. I was 5’4”
and 186 lbs and miserable. Tired all the time, ashamed to go out in
public with my family, debilitating migraines that sent me to the
hospital a myriad of times. I was sore and just felt like giving up
on everything.

A little spark and I decided to take charge and I started to work with a nutritionist to resolve the migraine issue once and for all and get back the person I wanted to
be. When I met with her she had me start on the Ideal
Protein method of eating. Yes, I know how this sounds. “You
have to eat the food that they make and its a gimmick to make you
come back for months spending thousands on their refined foods”,
but wait and read on and I will tell you why it was different.

First of all the products that they make are all MSG free. Really. The
programs are only available through pharmacies and certified
nutritionists and there are 4 phases so once you reach your goal they
remove their foods in phases and replace them with your own foods.
Real, Clean, foods. They monitor you for a year afterwards to make
sure that you stabilize and know how to eat properly. Phase 1 for example focuses on 2 Ideal protein choices for breakfast and Lunch and once Ideal Protein snack all which I enjoyed the taste of. Dinner is a protein choice and both lunch and dinner include your choice of vegetables.

The first few days were OK. I was
craving sugar and looking for my fast food fix but I persevered. I
went through some nasty withdrawal symptoms the in the next week.
Migraines, nausea, dizziness, lethargy, hot flashes and I could have
slapped the face of of anyone. This was hell, I was sure. I didn’t
give up thou. I was determined this time. Week one was over before I
knew it and I was weighing in lighter and leaner by the inches. I was
starting to have a clearer thought process. The headaches were gone
and I was more stabilized.


186 LBS ……………………………………………………141 LBS

4 months pass……45lbs lost

I did have some slip ups along the way,
they quickly teach me how insidious this MSG thing is. One fast food
chain french fry is enough to send me in to full on reaction and my
head in going to explode. I start to learn and start to fear all
things unnatural and refined. I have learned that there can be no
processed food, no sneak treats only conscious decisions that if I
willingly go against will result in physical pain.

Currently I am on Phase 4 I worked with my nutritionist to plan a sustainable approach with what I currently know to make my transition easier. When I mentioned to her that I was very familiar with the Paleo way of life and juicing she was on board with my decision. I will still maintain with her and she answers all my questions to keep me focused and aligned with clean eating principals. At this time I have never had so much energy and focus. I am back in control.

I am so happy to be back to the nutrient dense and healthful foods that nourish my body. If you are looking for some information on Ideal Protein you can get all the information online and your local center will give you a consultation usually for free.You can see my local clinic here 

Whatever you decide if you put your
mind to it you can accomplish anything.

You are in control of you no one else.


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