Review: Yonana’s -Healthy Dessert Maker




One thing I missed when I started eating paleo was icecream and dairy. My daughter and husband are allergic to dairy anywayso it was not always in the house.

I was shopping my local grocery store and I came upon an odd little machine that I had never seen before called a Yonanas machine seen here @   It makes frozen dessert resembling ice cream but only using fresh, frozen fruits! The cost was about $39.99 cdn and the box looked promising. What did I have to lose, I could always return it. If it did work, I would be the hero of my family 🙂

Off I went Yonanas maker in hand and when I got home it was a quick set up process and then I decided to make one with banana and cherries. The fruit must be mostly frozen however I didn’t thaw it as much as recommended as I wanted to get that dessert pronto!

So half a banana first. In it went, grinding like a madman. The a handful of cherries and one more half of a banana. I see it start to come together in a frozen, creamy, symphony of fruit goodness. One final mix in the bowl and away we go!




The next is the taste test. Sweet and amazing like a great frozen dessert and no sugar, no dairy and all paleo friendly. I feel good giving this to my daughter and I don’t even care if she eats a monster bowl.

You can also make slushes and sorbet with no banana at all. Pure mango is amazing! Here is a link to the site where you can find recipes and watch demos. Lots of great info too. I highly recommend this amazing product you’ll go ape over it 😉


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