The Danger in “Just a little taste”


We have all been there, whether a small slip of a few nibbles of fries or a piece of cake. Treating yourself once in awhile may seem like an ok thing to do on a special occasion or a “cheat day”, I, personally, cannot have those days.

One taste, and I’m off the wagon so easily and before I know it I’m being dragged down the road and the cart has ran over me and I see it leaving in the distance. The problem being that I am a recovering junk food addict.

I’m fully willing to admit that I have a problem. I’m like a drug or alcohol addict when it comes to junk food. I will hide it from family and friends, binge, and whatever else I can to eat the fatty, sugar laden frankenfoods. Then I regret, feel awful and my self esteem plummets. Then I’m back to square one.

The problem in addition to all this, is that food is easier to attain. It is socially acceptable to buy junk, it’s cheaper, you can easily binge at a buffet and over indulge at a sugar laden event. If you abstain, you are met with questions and offers to share or get you something different, then it turns it to a big show and if your not strong enough in your journey then you can relapse quite easily.

This article here Fatty foods may cause cocaine-like addiction is a really eye opening read.

The ingredients in purified modern food cause people to “eat unconsciously and unnecessarily,” and will also prompt an animal to “eat like a drug abuser [uses drugs],” says Wang.

For me personally, I have realized I can’t. Not even once. I don’t care if it makes people uncomfortable, makes them feel awkward about their own habits or inconviences them. Not anymore. It’s something I need to be selfish about and I perfectly fine with that after a long life of giving in.

Another thought when you are starting out, say you do slip and have a slice of cake or a nibble of something you shouldn’t.





It’s easy to rationalize that you have destroyed your progress by slipping and then assure yourself that’s it’s okay to keep going and start again tomorrow. I know it’s hard to stop, but the mental damage will be far greater then the physical damage your doing. Sure it’s not great to introduce sugar back, it any stall your weigh loss for a few days while your body sorts it out, but often the guilt you feel from slipping is usually more then enough punishment. If you have the slip, get it over with and move on then, don’t wait till tomorrow.

This is where planning ahead is key. Eat before you go, take snacks that you can have, make a dish to bring. Don’t put yourself in a bad situation to start. Many restaurants have online menus to look at before you go so you can pick a dish to suit you prior to arrival, then you won’t be faced with making a quick choice when you arrive. If you find yourself in a city where you don’t know where to eat the grocery store or farmers market is a great choice.

Wherever you are in your life or journey it’s never to late to start now. Don’t wait for a healthier you to pass by and just grab it by the hand and get out of the way of the junk cart.


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