One fish, Two Fish…..Eat your Fish!



Everyone talks about how good fish is supposed to be for you all the Omega 3’s and fish oils it contains and with all of the now sustainable fishing practices I thought it might be time to try out something new. I just wanted to add that Wild caught fish is of course the best choice as it is raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics but if you are in a budgetary limit or can’t find it locally use what you can is my modo. Onwards we go, fish (without breading) is something that I can honestly say that I have never eaten before cooked at least. I omit sashimi which is raw of course and I love!

I read a little online about how the average household only consumes about 15lbs of fish and seafood a year! The answer to why more people did not take advantage of the renewable resource seems to be mainly cooking education! Allot of people don’t know how to cook fish or what to do with it.

Last night I decided to grab a couple of different fillets at the seafood counter at my local grocer. So many choices, I really have no clue what the heck I’m going to do, but I go for it. One wild sole, a farmed rainbow trout and a Wild salmon fillet. I get the fish home and unwrap it. I give a deep sniff to the flesh. If a fillet smells fishy, it’s not fresh. These fillets are the epitome of perfection and now to do them justice! A quick google and I’m on my way. I mix a little olive oil, some fresh Garlic and a squeeze of fresh lemon then into the oven at 450 for 15 minutes. Fish cooks fast and I have learned is done when you press a spoon onto the flesh and it flakes, if you press down and it doesn’t and still has a little resistance to spring back Check it again in about 2 minutes.

How easy was that? I even cooked it on tinfoil and rolled it up when done. Super fast clean up bonus!

The result was perfectly cooked fresh fish. I served it with a baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli. The sole was a very mild taste but I didn’t really like the earthy aftertaste it left in my mouth. The rainbow trout was amazing! Mild and sweet almost like a snow crab. The salmon was great as well more of a medium taste and my daughter love this one, who knew! Next time I’m going to try some different fillets again some tuna steak, red snapper and catfish caught my eye last night so I will try them out next week.

So in conclusion try something new, something out of you comfort zone and you might just find a new favorite dish!

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