Forgive, Forget and move Forward



Well what did today bring?A day of thought for sure.

 I’m all snug by the fire having a tea and listening to my daughter play piano. Time to think about where I’m at. The last few days have been challenging for me once again in the paleo dept. I been recovering for the flu the last few weeks and a very sore back from a fall.I’m almost back at 100% But not quite.Today my self pity got the best of me. But only for a moment.

 I’m not sure how I convinced myself this time that I was going to have a good ol’ breakfast out.

 I knew I was going to do it and while it could have been much more destructive then it was. It could have kept gping on. I did eat 2pcs of rye toast and deep fried potato bites with a tiny bit of ketchup even. Now, I could have added fake juice and a pancake to the mix but I did not, small saving there.

So how did I rationalize this one? Easy when your tired and have been feeling not quite yourself  your excitotoxins in your brain wake up and let you know food, your old BFF is always there to pick me you and “help you out”.Like a bad news EX lover.

 So there you are, I confess. I feel much better to write it down and get it out there believe it or not.

So going forth, the old me would have been ashamed, down and hopeless. I would have just kept on the binge eating for days and given up the last months of my progress. But not this time. I ate it. It’s done.


Forgive, forget and move forward.Each second, minute, hour, day is a
new start. A choice you can make to better yourself or self destruct.

This time I am going towards the better.I have been to rock-bottom so many times this time I choose to stay onward to the positive path to health.

Love yourself and accept the things that you can and can’t change and focus on the positive.

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