My Whole 30 Experience


So we did it! We have completed the whole30 challenge and I have got to be honest it wasn’t easy at first but gradually it became easier. Really it did.

My husband has been dealing with some allergy issues with food, and I myself was not feeling very healthy either. I was at my heaviest a grand 195lbs, full of migraines, sore joints, an inflamed shoulder and unbearable fatigue. It was then we decided we were going to do this together to eliminate most common allergens – grains, sugar, dairy, legumes and then see how we felt after 30 days of real food. We have a 6 year old as well and we decided this would be a great move for her as well. How do you convince a 6 year old of getting rid of all foods she knows and loves? Easy, bribe, bribe, bribe… Lol.

So what the heck do you eat for 30 days? Proteins, veggies, fruits and healthy fats…. Hmmm seems boring, and impossible I’ve been told, but I’m the boss of this body so let’s go!

First step: Commit and know you can do this!

Second step: Clean out all non compliant foods in the fridge, pantry and secret stashes. For us this meant almost everything! I was left with 2 cans of tuna and a frozen turkey. The rest we donated to the food bank.

Third step: Get your list and go! At first this will seem expensive and confusing but it will even out. The first shop is always expensive, but the money you save on eating junk food balances out as, well as leaving some extra 🙂

Forth step: Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself with fancy pants recipes in the beginning at least. Try some basics like Salmon with baked potato and broccoli or a Veggie omelette with a side of bacon. I’m going to post some easy recipes and menus but for now just quick pointers.

Fifth Step: Endure… Focus and start your journey!

So there you have it. Our start to the story.

Week 1: Here we go into madness….

We started on the first of December… Crazy right. December the destroyer of all diets, excess and overeating was always number one on the list. But we figured there is no time like the present and if you can make it through that, then we can make it through anything.

Now let’s see what I personally have to give up, cold turkey.

I admit I was a food junkie.

I drank 8+ cans of Pepsi (the dark master) everyday. At least one meal from a fast food establishment, coffee with 4 creams and 4 sugars. Bags of sugary candies to munch on and so much more… Sheesh! What a disaster. No wonder I was fading fast! I was literally eating myself to death.

Week 1 starts… First day is always easy. You can go two ways really. One you can abandon at anytime and reason you can start tomorrow or suck it up buttercup and push on through to day 2. Now the rest of the week can get tricky, this whole food business takes allot of prep, more then dialing for delivery or a frozen meal in 5 min, we are talking chopping, baking blending and more! Ok you can do this!!!

Later that week….. You body starts freaking out about this no sugar and way less refined foods. I felt like hell, I’m not going to lie. I had the carb flu. Runny nose, headache, tired beyond help, nauseous and overall miserable. I hate life, now give me a cookie and no one gets hurt. Too bad I’m so stubborn sometimes. I want to quit. I want to cry. But instead I have another banana and deal with it.

Before I know it we are all done 7 days, I would like to say I felt better after this but I’m afraid I can’t. Sometimes things have to get worse to get better. I had hit rock bottom and the only way left was up 🙂

This to shall pass

Then came the glimmer of shiny hope, the little push you need to keep going. I step on the scales and after a grueling week 1 I have lost 8lbs! I smile a grumpy little smile and then onto week 2……

Week 2: Further down the rabbit hole

Onto week two. I feel at this point that I am deep in it. I still think about quitting. So easy to just eat everything but still I can see changes everyday now.

Fruit is tasting sweeter, my sense of smell is increasing, I’m sleeping better and easier. My naps in the day are less frequent and I’m gaining more energy.I decide to reduce my sleeping pills to half and see what happens.

My headaches are much less painful now and getting to be less frequent, I could be onto something here. The kicker is I’m now down another 7lbs.

I will do this till the end and see what’s in store for my perseverance.

Total lost so far 15 lbs and starting to wake up for the first time.

Week 3: Hello, remember me? 

Week 3, funny I’m blogging all this from a journal that I had and it’s so weird to look back after the fact when it’s all said and done. In reality the time did not pass so quickly.. Lol.

So week 3 here we are.  I’m feeling so much different. It’s a miracle really, and if you don’t believe me it’s okay, I’m not trying to sell anything here but I am speaking the truth.

My headaches are now gone. Migraines are nowhere to be seen. My shoulder and knee have no inflammation left and I’m off my sleeping pills.My energy is high my sleep is amazing and my mood is soaring! Down another 3lbs this week totaling 18 lbs gone.

I’m eating amazing things that are so satisfying to me that I don’t miss anything of my prior vices. My cravings are gone now and I’m learning great information, so much information that I am bursting to share, but wait let’s make it till the end before we tell the world.

Week 4 is Christmas. Stay strong!

Week 4: 30 days done. What now? 

Week 4 already. Christmas time and dinner awaits. I am fortunate enough I have found support from my whole family, my aunt who is a wonderful and loving person discusses how she can help with our new way of eating. Notice how I don’t use the word diet. I find that the true meaning of that word has been long forgotten that I don’t use it, I prefer lifestyle change.

We don’t miss out this week on anything, funny how you just stop craving things. You can look that cake in the sugary face and just say no, and mean it without much care. Instead we are treated to fresh raspberries and chilled full fat coconut milk. The turkey dinner is fabulous and after we feel wonderful and satisfied. Amazing who would have ever thought….

This week I felt more my old self then I had felt in a long time. I’m happy and down another 3lbs.

That’s 21 lbs in 30 days.

It was after this week that we had decided we were all going to become a permanent paleo family.




What have I learned after The Whole 30?

In my own opinion, I think that sugar is poison, grains are mostly chemicals since they absorb so much of them when grown. We do not need all of this fake, processed frankenfood that contain ingredients no one can pronounce.

My child is not “missing out” on anything. She is a brilliant, beautiful girl who deserves to have foods that will give her the nutrition she needs and the information and education to continue into adulthood.

We are not dogs, we do not need treats. We do not need to follow the “norm” of overeating and big portions nor do we need to be supermodels. We don’t need to be fooled. We just need to be informed and supported.

I’m so glad I can share this with you all. I hope this blog will awaken you to take care of yourself.

I did it.

You can do it.

Open your eyes…… I’m wide awake.


Start your whole30 now@

Read more about The Whole30 right here on my blog too click here




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