So am I a real Blogger?


7430e1a3f27ad0adedeb85f6fe846fb6.jpgToday’s food for thought.

Sometimes while I’m cruising around the inter-webs for some tasty or informative information it strikes me that I do a lot of cut, paste, re-blog with edits – I always point to sources and I don’t take credit for things where its not due. I mean I do have original ideas and recipes but it still made me ask the question Am I a real blogger?


Blog is defined as a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

So if I’m not pouring my life experiences and heart out with all “original” ideas should I be posting healthy, informative information that could potentially turn people on to proper eating and wellness habits and helping them to make better decisions?

Your darn right I should be.

The reason I started Green Grass Grove was so I could post a variety of information and posts all in once place. A place of reference. I look forward to my mornings when I wake up refreshed and sit with my coffee and look for what I think will be inspirational today. It’s selfishly my therapy, my time and I love the fact that someone else might take anything away from it and if they don’t, what if no one in cyberspace cared? Honestly, It wouldn’t matter. I would continue to do it anyway.But you do care. I would like to take this time as well to thank all my followers and readers. You do add to my daily inspiration and make my day brighter with your comments!

This has all inspired me to keep going on my own journey and striving for healthy choices in life and in all matters not just diet. I am so passionate about it I am in the process of getting proper certification to become a nutritionist with specialization in paleo and raw foods. This will further aid me in the quest to educate and help others make more informed choices. I plan to do a free seminar and workshop at local schools and community center once I am ready to do so.

Ok so back to the question at hand, Am I a real blogger? I believe the answer is a resounding yes.



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