Presenting Green Grass Grove’s soap and products lab!

So I have made the shift this week and decided to stop the cake design business and focus more on my family, the healthy lifestyle and choices that are making my heart sing! I can tell you at first it was a blow to my self esteem but now that I have slept on it a few days and relaxed I am confident on my decision to let it be.

I am so fortune enough to have a very supportive family. Since my husband has his chemical sensitives disorder and  is wary of any natural oils he does not know (he is very reactive to clove and minted family oils) and chemicals I was on the hunt for a soap and products lab. My wonderful sister in law was amazing enough to set me a space aside to recreate as I pleased! How awesome is she!

soap lab

I am all set for this coming week to attend the Eco products development workshop at Inner Insights Holistic School and Spa. There I will be learning to create my own Deodorant, Natural Perfumes, Linen spray , Buzz Remedy, Lip Balm, Healing Salve for irritated skin, Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Deep Tissue Ache Relief Blend, Aromatic bath bombs, and laugh line serums. This I will couple with my already invested knowledge of tooth powders,shampoo, hair rinses, shave soaps and washing products.

All in good time I will eventually have a full line available with my focus being on 100% Natural products at reasonable cost. I will keep you all posted as it develops.

I am so proud to show you my first batch of test soap as well! I Even tried out some soap stamping to fancy it up.

FIRST batch
My First test batch! 100% Pure Olive & Coconut oil Cold Process soap.

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