Dealing with MSC Disorder. (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) in our family



Within the last year my husband has been diagnosed with an extreme MSC disorder from the Toronto Womans College Hospital.  I thought to educate people on this matter would be informative and answer many questions for others.

Multiple chemical sensitivity can include a wide range of symptoms, which some people link to their environment. It’s also known as Environmental illness, MCS disability or idiopathic environmental intolerance.

The symptoms are wide-ranging. They include headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, congestion, itching, sneezing, sore throat, chest pain, changes in heart rhythm, breathing problems, muscle pain or stiffness, skin rash, stomach and gastric issues, confusion, trouble concentrating, memory problems, and mood changes.

Possible triggers that set off his symptoms vary a lot, too. They include tobacco, coffee, cleaning products, essential oils, smoke, auto exhaust, perfume, insecticide, new carpet, chlorine, and so much more. In his case, clove oils, and the mint family are the worst offender.



There is no question that high doses of some chemicals make people sick and that irritants such as pollution and cigarette smoke worsen conditions like asthma. How very low levels of chemical exposure affect people isn’t clear.Some doctors suggest it’s an immune response similar to allergies. Others say that the symptoms stem from an extreme sensitivity to certain smells. It’s possible that conditions such as depression and anxiety play a role, too.

Once a social, productive man has gradually become unable to tolerate being in offices, schools, hospitals, and public places such as shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, libraries, etc. You can imagine how isolating this would be and difficult to explain to people who just don’t get it. It is a lot to take in and adapt to in a new lifestyle for all of us.We are doing fine thou, day by day we learn more about this condition and adapt as we go.


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