And When She was bad, She was Awful…..My reboot back on track

So lately I have been letting myself slip back into old habits although I may seem like a rock at times. I achieved my weight loss goal recently about 3 months ago with the Ideal Protein method as supervised by a nutritionist. I was dedicated and determined that this is going to be the last time I ever yo yo’d back again. But lets not forget my past. I was and still am a junk food addict.

Some how, I have be rationalizing that its OK to have a bite of this here and a bit of this there. One day turns into a few and then a week and now I have been right back to rock bottom again. Binge eating in my car, no one see’s and whatever I think, the weight is slowly returning. I have been disregarding the pound or so that is back but now I m up 5 lbs and the other night I finally had my ultra drug….PEPSI.

That’s nothing you say. Well for me its everything 5 lbs will turn into 10 and then before I know it Ill be up 40 lbs again and then more…its always more. I needed to be honest. I needed help and fast. I can’t get hold of myself, I have been trying and failing. I contacted my nutritionist and we have decided together that I will start a reboot to get back into control of my habits and break that cycle again. I will be documenting my reboot these coming days so I can remember how to get back to health again.

I am so proud that I could get help this time and not let it go and fade away like I usually do. There is still some fight in this girl after all.



Day 1: 5

On track – YES

Cravings – YES, and when I am wanting to eat my healthy veggies I am feeling very repulsed. My brain says it would rather starve then not eat junk food. I am definitely not out of the woods in addiction. Headache, Tired. All the normal withdraws. Tomorrow will be worse I know.

My Day 1 Looked Like

Ideal protein foods for Breakfast, Lunch and Snack.

Lunch had a large multi- greens salad with olive oil/vinegar

Dinner: Roasted Chicken and Broccoli

2 coffee’s and Water, water, water……..

Tomorrow is another day!







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