Opening a small Kiosk Location – Please donate if you are able

So I am never one to ask for help directly. I am usually the one who does the assisting and donating but currently my  situation has changed. Since my husband is not in the position to work due to his MCS,  I use the extra funds that I receive to create items for that little extra income. In addition to that, all of the art that I create helps me cope and release the stress and anxiety that I have myself.

I have some exciting news. I have finally found someone who shares my passion for creating artistic creations and since I cannot do this on my own what a great opportunity.

We have both dreamed of having our own retail location for a long  while and we now have a chance to start a small kiosk in The One of A Kind Antique & Collectibles Warehouse in Woodstock, Ontario.

logo work mm
We will be operating under our banner name Phoenix & Raine Designs.

The space is small and perfect for us to get started out and get some exposure before making a big dive into a full scale retail location if that is possible in the future. We offer and create a multitude of items including purses, bags, crochet items, soaps and eco-products, fudge and confections, jewelry and hand painted original artwork. Everything we create is from our own two hands. The list goes on and on….

We are asking for help to make our dream a reality come true. Any amount will help us to make sure we can afford the rental, fee’s and start of costs of displays and fixtures.

Please help in any amount you can if you are able. We appreciate
it all! We are also sending our appreciation
with tier rewards for your donations!

Angel & Heather

Phoenix & Raine Design

Click here to donate please:



Angel is the Owner and Creator of:
Crafty Ocelot

Heather  is Owner and Creator of :
Izzyrai and ClayTree

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