My husband recently has been diagnosed with MCS- Multiple Chemical Sensitivities disorder and has been recommended by his specialist to take on the whole foods only and cold press juicing to detox and get him on the road to wellness. He needs to avoid all synthetic and even some natural products.

My daughter is 9 years old and she is my world and sous chef and product tester. I need to teach her to be healthful and not a screen time junkie that eats nutritionless garbage. She is looking forward to clean eating and feeling more energy and seeing our health improve.

Myself, I am a recovering junk food addict. I am no stranger to clean eating as I have adapted to it in the past but fell back into my old ways. However I have been working with a nutritional coach for a few months now and I am 40 lbs lighter and ready to adapt the lifestyle for all of us to get back our health and enjoy the time we have together on this beautiful earth.

Here I hope to post what I can to help any others out along the way.

Recipes, reviews, natural products and information I happen to stumble upon, and of course my general blogging too! Positive, upbeat and forth we go!

Welcome to Green Grass Grove!