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***Green Grass Grove is currently waiving the adoption fee of this particular animal in return for a donation of a (20 lbs+ or larger) pet food bag.***

Why are some GGG animals available for adoption?

Each and every animal is unique and come filled with their own individual personalities & purposes. With that being, said there are many reasons why we have animals that are available for adoption or rehoming. Since we are a no-kill-the-egg-laying-chickens, some of our more mature hens (low-production/no-production of eggs) become available to those seeking a new friendly companion. Some animals (cats – for example) brought to GGG just aren’t right for your typical home and are the happiest living primarily outdoors. 

Regardless of why it’s up for adoption, it is the GGG’s goal to find loving and permanent homes for the adoptable animals. Carefully read over the additional information to learn more about the animal you are considering adopting.

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You have determined you would like to adopt this specific animal. The adoptor will be required to read and complete our GGG Adoption Contract and last submit the application before being able to add the animal to the cart. Please keep in mind that we can only hold the animal for up to 7 days before it would be put back up for adoption.

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