Our scary weeks dealing with MCS

So whats new with me. A few weeks ago I was at a low point to be honest, we all were. My husband had been exposed to some nasty chemicals that were a side effect of the farmers next door burning…. tires… yes not good or legal. Well this drove him out of our home and away for 2 weeks not to mention how ill he was as a result. When I say ill I mean ill…..shaking, loss of oxygen resulting in blue lips, dizziness, and so much more. This worried me to no end and threw me into a viscous cycle of eating junk again and derailing my life as well as his and my daughters.

Fast forward….to this week.

He is starting to feel better and is back with us at home but what a scary set back. This just shows us how serious this disability is. We have to take into consideration everything we do now. From a trip to the store, visiting friends with scented homes, to going for a walk this has changes our lives and isolated us.

We have been advised that over time his condition may improve as his immunity returns but we have also been warned that it will get worse before it gets better. There are many MCS cases out there as the scents and perfumes industries rise. Some people don`t realize that they may be having a reaction even. I encourage everyone for their health and others to promote scent free products and environments for everyone.

Thanks as always for reading and following!


RELEASED TODAY! Green Grass Grove 100% Natural Products are ready to order!

Its been a adventure and now it is time to reveal my new line to everyone who is looking for all natural products. I can wait for you to have a look and I am working to add new products as I develop and learn them.

Have a look at my Etsy shop for all the details!


Local peeps!

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Green Grass Grove products are coming soon!

Wow I just realized that it had been almost a week since I have posted anything, but I have such a great reason! I have been busy this week crafting my new line of 100% All Natural products. It takes a while to perfect recipes, label, and get things all set but I will be launching later this coming week on my Etsy Shop!!! The only thing I do have to wait on is my soap line since it takes 1 month to properly cure a soap so that the PH level is proper.

My list of products that I will be releasing next week will be Deodorant, Lip Balm, Healing Salve, Soothing bath spheres, Dead Sea Salts, and Tooth Powders.  

Exciting products to come are Body Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Shave Bars, Liquid Shampoos and hair rinses and even a natural Dog Shampoo!




COMING SOON! Green Grass Grove -100% All natural handmade soaps and toiletries

So I have some exciting news that I am working that I just can’t contain! I am in the the early talks and working on starting a line of 100% All natural handmade soaps and toiletries that will be available to ship anywhere.

I have been working diligently since my husband has a severe auto immune reaction to scents and some not so friendly ingredients found in most commercial products. So when I was exhausted to find that so many “green, eco” products still incited a reaction from him I decided to take action and formulate my own line of high quality, all natural, reasonably priced items.

I will be keeping you all updated as I progress in my new en-devour.