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Our plant nursery has all sorts of useful and/or rare plants available, from berries to sapling trees, to fruits and nuts, to herbs and vegetables, there is always something excitingly different every time you visit! We’re are proud to call Live Oak, Florida, HOME and We are proud to offer our Friendly Neighbors an opportunity to have access to a wide variety of plants that you typically wouldn’t have access to.

Green Grass Groves roots run deep because We have access to rare and exclusive plants that typically aren’t available in stores. We locally source Our plants from starting by seeds and/or by making clones. Once We have a seed (from previous harvests) or cutting, We then use a natural root/growth hormone (to stimulate root growth) before being placed into either an Aquaponic/Hydroponic System or for it to be placed into a pot using high-quality composted soil. We also deadhead our plants on a regular basis to ensure they remain healthy and looking their best. After the plant has been established, We then can prepare the plant for either transplant or to be transported into you garden!

Whether you’re looking for something to add to your garden or just want to try something new, we have something for everyone. Come check us out today and also future visits too!

Farm News

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We NEVER SPRAY SYNTHETIC, HARMFUL CHEMICALS. That goes for approved organic pesticides and herbicides as well.Β 

  • We do, however, use lots of aquaponic water, organic compost, compost tea, and minerals to boost soil health and balance.

  • We’re a small andΒ versatile family-operated hobby farm.

  • We transplantΒ and harvest delicate greens early and late in the day to avoid potential heat trauma felt by plants.

  • We use minimal tillage practices to ensure the healthiest of soil conditions and the preservation of the many ecosystems that exist in and above the soil.

  • We also utilize aquaponic systems to grow our Salad Variety Mixes & even some of Our Microgreens
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