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About Our Mycelium

At Green Grass Grove, we take safe and responsible mycelium practices seriously. Our πŸ„ Network includes experienced mycologists, who are trained in using laboratory equipment including laminar flow-hoods. These tools allow us to create a highly controlled environment, minimizing the risk of contamination during the cultivation of our mushroom strains.

We also closely work with trusted members of the Project Aurora Collective, who share our commitment to ethical mushroom cultivation. Their Collective Members undergo extensive training and adhere to strict protocols to ensure only the best genetics are available on the πŸ„ Network.

In addition to using laminar flow-hoods, we also employ other Safety TEK methods to ensure our lab environments are sterile and that our Mycologist Vendors actively conduct proper sterilization techniques, wear personal protective equipment, and conduct proper waste disposal.

Our goal is to provide our Patrons with high-quality mushrooms that are free from contaminants, while also acting responsibly and sustainably in our mycelium practices.


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